Cost Savings

Unemployment Savings Trust Program - our members reduced their Ohio Unemployment costs 53%! Every year our members that utilize UST get money back in their savings!  Something you'll never see from the State Unemployment! In addition you can utilize the FREE ThinkHR LIVE hotline, and outplacement services!.

Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Taxes, Safeguard Your Funding

As a nonprofit leader, you rely on your staff to stretch resources to meet your mission’s objectives. But with rising operating costs, maintaining cash flow is an ongoing concern for employers. Couldn’t you use some relief? 

As a 501(c)(3), when your organization has an unemployment claim, you are allowed by federal law to pay only for the unemployment benefits claimed by your former  employees, instead of state taxes. This allows you to continue to provide unemployment benefits, without sharing in the excess costs of state unemployment tax systems that have high administrative fees and use your funds to subsidize employers with high turnover.

Essentially you put more money back into your nonprofit’s resources.

Leadership Council for Nonprofits has partnered with the Unemployment Services Trust (UST)  since 2007. UST helps organizations nationwide exercise this option effectively while reducing overall costs through expert claims management, asset protection and cash flow improvements.

From e-filing unemployment claim reports to representing you at claim hearings—UST can help organizations like yours save money and simplify your job.

Just last year, UST helped more than 2,100 nonprofits save $28,316,109.96 in unemployment claims costs… plus an additional $1,652,775.51 in recovered state errors.