Partnering with Leadership Council

October 26, 2023
Leadership Council Sponsors

by Elizabeth Benson, Executive Director

We can’t do it alone! Leadership Council is able to offer its programs through a variety of partnerships, helping to keep membership dues affordable. Here are a few examples:
Facilitation: We are honored to have the contributions of skilled facilitators for our Leaders CirclesLeadership Challenge, and Search Inside Yourself programs. Many of these experienced leaders have active consulting businesses, but believe in building capacity for our region’s nonprofits.
Benefit Partnerships: Several companies offer benefits or discounts to LC members (and we’re always looking for more!).
Sponsors: Financial support for year-round programs and special events is provided by companies and grantmakers who believe that LC’s capacity-building programs are important to our local nonprofit industry.
If you see yourself in one of these categories or have another partnership idea, please reach out to me!