IT Nonfprofit Peer Network

Oct 22, 2021
8:30 am - 9:30 am
Join us at the next bi-monthly meeting of the IT Best Practices Group on Friday, October 22, 2021.
At the next IT Roundtable, we're taking a deep dive on how to "manage up" when you are responsible for IT within your organization. 
We'll be discussing:
  • How to present the IT budget to a board.
  • The IT-related questions board members frequently ask.
  • When a vendor should be invited to present to a board.
  • Strategies to manage IT-related requests from executive leaders and board members when they don't align with best practices.

This event is exclusively for Leadership Council members!

The Leadership Challenge® 2-day Virtual Workshop Experience

8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Leadership Challenge Group Picture
Nonprofit leadership matters. And now is NOT the time for our nonprofits to lose sight of the importance of building the capacity of all nonprofit leaders, in fact, it's the perfect time to invest in the staff that will help carry your nonprofit throughout these uncertain times. Due to the generosity of our funder, our facilitator Valarie Willis and Wiley Publishing, we are offering special pricing for this program.  
Three things we know about The Leadership Challenge® that differentiates it:
  1. Attendees leave this session better able to lead - immediately.
  2. Research by Kouzes and Posner shows that leaders have a direct influence on the engagement levels of talent. The best leaders create the best workplaces.
  3. People who more frequently use the leadership practices presented in the workshop produce higher results than those who use them less frequently.
Investing in new learning and growth opportunities for nonprofit leaders and investing in mentorship and support of nonprofit leaders is critical. This can come in the form of learning leadership best practices like the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. Often at nonprofits, there may not be an opportunity for “climbing the ladder” in new positions, but there is always an opportunity to develop oneself. Capacity building enables nonprofit organizations and their leaders to develop competencies and skills that can make them more effective and sustainable while increasing the potential for nonprofits to enrich lives and solve society’s most intractable problems.
The Leadership Challenge® includes a 360 assessment, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), which is a simple, 30 question inventory. The feedback it provides is very understandable and usable. It actually provides people with a solid roadmap for change. 
This is a great program for a few team members to participate in. Studies show that leadership development helps with employee experience and retention.
We encourage you to respond promptly as the program is limited to 24 participants and a max of 3 people per organization. 

Master Calendar

Leaders Circles Now Forming for 2021-2022 - Deadline to Apply 7/30

Click Here for More Information & to Apply

Leadership Development in a safe, supportive, confidential space
Have you ever wished you had a trusted group of nonprofit peers to coach, encourage, validate, challenge, support and hold you accountable as you grow as a leader? Then consider the Leaders Circle program. In 2020/21 almost 150 people participated in 16 different leaders circle and shared that this program was a lifesaver that helped them navigate through COVID-19 challenges and changes, and build a bright future.
Program Overview
  • Monthly meetings (about 2 hours) September through May
  • 6-10 nonprofit executives (matched by role/experience/org size) for each circle + a skilled facilitator
  • Participants commit to meeting real-time challenges and offering real-life solutions through their real-life experiences 
  • Meetings are confidential, supportive, and create a cycle of learning, sharing, achieving & accountability
*First and last meeting in-person and virtual otherwise
Circle Member Expectations
  • Show up - commit to your circle colleagues by making your meetings a priority on your calendar
  • Speak up - ask powerful questions to help members find their own insight
  • Grow up - be prepared to hold yourself and each other accountable for your learning and actions
  • Develop trusted and expanded network of peers
  • Professional and personal growth
  • Expanded resources discovered
  • Safe environment leads to openness, vulnerability and growth
Circles available: (must have primary decision-making responsibilities)
  • Executive Director/President/CEO
  • CFO/COO/VP or equivalent 
  • CDO, Development Director or equivalent
  • CHRO or equivalent
  • CMO, MARCOM Director or equivalent
  • Community Relations Director
  • Program Director 
Join a Leaders Circle Now! Click HERE to complete your application and be matched in a Leaders Circle.
Note: Your organization must be a member of Leadership Council in order to participate in a Leaders Circle. 
Contact administration@leadershipcouncil if you have any questions.
Please forward to others in your organization who might also benefit from a circle.
Deadline to Submit Your Application - July 30, 2021