COVID-19 Resources - updated 3/30/20

Thank you for your positive feedback on the resources we’ve provided for you. 
Below are several new resources as well as updates, which you can find below. Please let us know if you have other challenges that we could help with.
1) Understand your cash flow - NFF tool
2) Determine & monitor your options - NFF scenario template tool
Board Support
CARE Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, Economic Security Act)
NEW - What’s in the bill specifically for nonprofits - National Council of Nonprofits
Crisis Communication Tips:
NEW - Communicating during a crisis - 12 tips - Ashire Communications
Economic Support:
SBA loans - part 1 -Guidance for SBA disaster loan; part 2 -How to apply, part 3 -Updates on passed SBA bill - Taft
UWGC mobilize link for COVID related
Fundraising Resources/Forums:
HR Related:
COVID-19 Resource Center - ThinkHR - includes sample policies for remote work
NEW: Employer FAQ’s for COVID-19 - webinar 3/31, 2 pm ThinkHR
National Response for Nonprofit Sector:
Philanthropy Related:
Risk Management:
Regional Info:
Technical support:
NEW - Tech Soup resources for Nonprofits - specific tools, technology and tips
Virus info- federal, state - CDCOHKY, IN
Volunteer Engagement: