Deon & Tanya Mack's Experience with BOLD

April 1, 2021

Tanya Mack is Director of Global Transportation Capability at Procter & Gamble. Deon Mack is a Police Officer with the City of Cincinnati. Both are graduates of the BOLD 4 Class.

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The ICF Midwest Coaches Conference 2024 Teams up with Regional Associations to Offer Coaching to Nonprofits

May 16, 2024


May 14, 2024



Susanne Cordes-Hoelterhoff, The ICF Midwest Coaches Conference 2024,

Beth Benson, Leadership Council for Nonprofits,





Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit Leaders to Benefit from Pro Bono Coaching Opportunity


Cincinnati - The ICF Midwest Coaches Conference 2024 is pleased to announce that the Leadership Council for Nonprofits and Health Care Access Now, with support from Cincinnati Cares, has been selected as the Community Service Project partner for 2024.


The ICF Midwest Coaches Conference 2024 (MWCC 24) is a biennial conference designed to empower, connect, and elevate our member coaches. The coaches on the Community Service Project are all credentialled coaches committed to upholding the International Coaching Federation (ICF) code of ethics, have demonstrated competency in established professional coaching skills, and have logged at least 100 hours of paid professional coaching.

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Region’s Premier Nonprofit Conference Coming in April

March 27, 2024


Leadership Council for Nonprofits Presents Annual Securing the Future Conference


CINCINNATI – Leadership Council for Nonprofits is pleased to announce that its annual Securing the Future Conference will be held on April 26, 2024, from 8:00 am-12:30 pm at Cintas Center.


About the Conference

Securing the Future will feature keynote speaker Kishshana Palmer, an international speaker, trainer, and coach with a 20+ year background in fundraising, marketing, and talent management who helps leaders create high performing teams. Kishshana is CEO of ManageMint, Inc., an organizational development firm focused on helping everyday leaders live well and lead well. Her firm's work centers on equity and social justice and practical solutions for today’s organizations.

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Nonprofits as an Economic Force

January 29, 2024

by Elizabeth Benson, Executive Director

(originally published in Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News, 1/25/24)


Have you ever thought about the “nonprofit economy?” Last week’s report release by ArtsWave and the Cincinnati Chamber’s Center for Research & Data brought attention to the immense contribution that the arts bring to our regional economy. As one branch of the local nonprofit sector, this is crucial data. We talk a lot around nonprofit and philanthropic tables about impact. But beyond the important impact that individual organizations make, what is the economic impact on our region as a whole? Many headlines are written about the economic impact of specific industries, your favorite sports team, the Taylor Swift concert. What about the economic benefit that nonprofit organizations, large and small, return to the community?


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Elevate Your Impact in 2024: Join Leadership Council Today!

November 20, 2023
by Elizabeth Benson, Executive Director
Leadership Council for Nonprofits only exists because of you, and for you. We were organized 46 years (!) ago to provide resources for the region’s nonprofit organizations and we’ve never wavered from that. Whether you’ve built a network of peers through our programs, realized savings from our benefit offerings, or connected to future employees and board members, you’ve benefited from Leadership Council.
With our 2024 membership drive underway, it’s a great time to remind you of some highlights of membership:
  • Free job postings and BOLD Board Connections help you find people to further your mission
  • Benefits include discounts on LC programs, savings through group purchasing, and more
  • Tools for attracting and retaining talent, including a retirement plan as well as unemployment and workers' comp support
  • Your dues investment is scaled to your revenue (plus new members join at half-price!)
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Partnering with Leadership Council

October 26, 2023

by Elizabeth Benson, Executive Director

We can’t do it alone! Leadership Council is able to offer its programs through a variety of partnerships, helping to keep membership dues affordable. Here are a few examples:
Facilitation: We are honored to have the contributions of skilled facilitators for our Leaders Circles, Leadership Challenge, and Search Inside Yourself programs. Many of these experienced leaders have active consulting businesses, but believe in building capacity for our region’s nonprofits.
Benefit Partnerships: Several companies offer benefits or discounts to LC members (and we’re always looking for more!).
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A Force for Good

September 18, 2023

by Elizabeth Benson, Executive Director

(originally published in Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News, 9/14/23)


What does it mean to have a career in the social sector? It could mean everything – to you and to the people you serve. But we have a big problem. As in almost every other employment sector, the nonprofit industry has a workforce shortage.


National Council of Nonprofits describes the situation in "Nonprofit Workforce Shortages: A Crisis That Affects Everyone”:


"Charitable nonprofits around the country are reporting significant difficulties retaining staff and filling vacancies. What was initially considered a challenge has now become a workforce crisis in need of immediate remedy and commitment to overcome longstanding problems exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While job vacancies in the government and business sectors may cause disappointment and lost profits, the lack of adequate nonprofit staffing means the public suffers delayed or complete loss of needed services."


Independent Sector found that, "In the fourth quarter of 2022, the number of nonprofit sector jobs finally exceeded 2017 employment levels." As nonprofit positions rebounded post-pandemic, phenomena like the "great resignation" and the gig economy impair our ability to fully deliver missions and services. Lack of resources for competitive pay compounds the problem.


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