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CASA Manager/GAL
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Part Time

ProKids is seeking a full or part-time CASA Manager/GAL who will assign, supervise, manage and support CASA Volunteers serving the best interests of children. This position serves as Guardian ad Litem on all cases assigned as well.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to via email by April 8, 2019.

Note that ProKids does not accept phone call inquiries.

PROGRAM: Advocacy

TEAM RESPONSIBILITY: Provides CASA/GAL and legal advocacy to achieve good outcomes for children. Develops capacity within the child welfare community to serve our children and their families.

POSITION FOCUS: Supervises and assigns volunteers for maximum impact.




1. Assigns, supervises, manages, supports and evaluates CASA(s) in the completion of their duties, including but not limited to:

     * Contact at least once per month with CASA(s) to review cases.
     * Contact prior to each court hearing to prepare the CASA and their report.
     * Ensures that court reports are written and submitted timely.
     * Attends court hearings.
     * Attends team meetings or other meetings to provide support as needed.
     * Provides advice, resources and help to the CASA in the best interest of children.
     * Completes an annual evaluation of each CASA.
     * Keeps CASA(s) informed of continuing education opportunities and helps CASA(s) find creative ways         to obtain required continuing education requirements.
     * Maintains files on cases and keeps basic current information on child, such as address, phone                   numbers of team members, school, etc., accessible to supervisor.

2. Maintains a caseload serving as GAL and in that capacity has ultimate responsibility for all cases assigned.

3. Communicates need for volunteers and provides assistance in designing and implementing volunteer training. Supervises, manages, supports, evaluates, and communicates on-going status of volunteers.

4. Attends all staff meetings and establishes good teamwork with co-workers.

5. Performs duties in accordance with ProKids objectives and in compliance with relevant standards and agency commitments.

6. Represent a strong model of child advocacy to Committed Community and general community. Including but not limited to:

     * Providing information and guidance for essential stories.
     * Developing capacity within child welfare community to serve children and families.
     * Establish and maintain strong, close working relationships with the court and service community.

7. Assists with the setting and evaluation of all agency goals and objectives. Including but not limited to:

     * Input, review, and evaluation of all research findings.
     * Recommendation for program changes and improvements.
     * Providing raw data.
     * Communicating all financial needs and expenses.

8. Provides assistance with events as requested.

9. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

10. As GAL, performs all duties in compliance with Rule 48 of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio and is subject to the approval of Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

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Charlotte Caples