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Senior Manager of Strength Based Initiatives
May 23, 2019
Mayerson Academy
Full Time


Position: Senior Manager of Strengths-Based Initiatives

FLSA Status: Exempt

Responsible to: Senior Director of Organizational and Community Development


We are a strengths-based group of diverse professionals who inspire educators and organizations to realize their visions for success through extraordinary learning experiences. We would love for you to join our team.



The Senior Manager of Strengths-Based Initiatives will work alongside a team of innovative and committed change-makers at Mayerson Academy to build a growing movement of strengths-based organizations across Greater Cincinnati and beyond. Through skillful facilitation, design and consultation, you will activate strengths in teams and organizations across multiple sectors to boost their workplace engagement, performance and wellbeing and maximize their impact in our city. People see you as a strategic thinker who is a deft relationship-builder, problem-solver and self-starter. You embrace challenges, operate well in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, and believe it is possible to both work hard and have a lot of fun at the same time.



Stronger workplace culture leads to better results – for employees and for those they reach through their efforts. In fact, research shows that strengths-based cultures lead to outcomes that matter in any workplace - higher job satisfaction, better performance, and increased employee well-being. 


Our Strong Cincinnati initiative is activating the strengths of individuals, teams and organizations across our city to transform their workplace culture and amplify their impact in the community. Through innovations in design, facilitation, consultation, and program integration, we are growing a community of organizations across multiple sectors – including youth and civic services, government, higher education, and the arts – that are transforming the way they do their work.  We are excited to deepen impact for our more than 30 existing partners and expand our reach within our community and beyond. The bottom line – it’s all about helping individuals and organizations be at their best so they can do their most meaningful work in the world.




  • Design and deliver engaging, energizing and creative professional learning workshops that catalyze participant learning.
  • Facilitate strategic conversations with teams and organizations to support ongoing culture implementation and change efforts.
  • Consult with individual leaders and teams to drive sustained engagement, learning, and culture growth.
  • Build trusting partner relationships that allow for deep collaboration and influence.
  • Maintain focus on critical outcomes to inform programmatic improvements and client results.
  • Contribute to ongoing learning and innovation around research-based, best practices for strengths-based organizational development and program integration.
  • Model the culture we are seeking to build by embodying our core values and continually strengthening our Mayerson Academy culture.



  • Bachelor’s degree required with a minimum of 6 years or more of job-related experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience with skillful facilitation, presentation and design of program content.
  • History of successfully navigating complex relationships in a variety of settings to build trust and lead to desired outcomes.
  • A desire to manage a flexible portfolio of programs, projects and partners through ongoing collaboration with teammates.
  • A willingness to embrace an atmosphere of growth and change in a fast-paced work environment.


  • A track record of continuous learning and growth, including an openness to feedback.
  • Demonstration of outstanding written, oral and interpersonal communication skills.
  • A commitment to engage in conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion and integrate insights into the work.
  • Experience leading and/or influencing organizational development and culture initiatives as a consultant or internal staff member preferred.
  • Willingness and ability to work occasional evenings and/or weekends for special events.



Here’s a little bit more about who we are and what we value:


Utilizing a strengths-based approach, we create extraordinary learning experiences that maximize learning, engagement and performance and ultimately transform cultures.



Since 1992, we have designed extraordinary learning experiences, proven to transform organizational and learning cultures.  Our work is grounded in the science of character strengths – through this lens, we help:

  • Schools become thriving learning communities
  • Organizations become workplaces where everyone flourishes, and
  • Neighborhoods become hubs of connected, community changemakers.


Since our founding, we have reached more than ½ million students, and have worked with thousands of schools and organizations in Cincinnati and across the globe.



We are constantly striving to live out our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our work – with each other and with our partners.

We believe that diversity matters because providing extraordinary learning experiences is only possible when we truly leverage the diverse thinking, perspectives and experiences of our staff, partners and community.

We believe that equity matters because it helps ensure high outcomes of access, opportunities, or self-determined success for all individuals, regardless of any social or cultural factor.

We believe that inclusion matters because it maximizes learning and creativity. An inclusive culture allows everyone to be themselves and to be their best – two ingredients for valuable and authentic contributionsfrom all.

OUR CORE VALUES form the foundation of everything we do and shape who we are. We talk about them, work them, and live them every day because we believe this is the best way to fulfill our highest hopes for learners of all ages:

We Learn Everyday:
Grow. Learn. Invent.

We Go Farther Together: Celebrate others. Pay it forward. Together, we change the world.

 We Spread Joy:Find your passion and share it. Laugh. It’s a good thing.

We Lead Through Service: Take initiative. Activate others’ strengths. See the impact.

We WOW Every Time: Every moment. Every act. At our best.


Compensation and Benefits


The position will begin in August 2019 and is a full-time position with a salary range of $70,000 - $80,000 per year.  Salary offers will be commensurate with experience, and selected candidates are eligible for a benefits package.

Contact Details

Joe Moorman
Mayerson Academy