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Career Specialist
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The Cincinnati Youth Collaborative
Full Time

Background: The Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates Programs of Cincinnati Youth Collaborative work with middle and high school youth with barriers to high school completion and successful transition to post secondary education/training or career utilizing the Jobs for America Graduates Model.

Job Function: Identifies, recruits, assesses, instructs and mentors high school or GED students deemed to have a high degree of difficulty of staying in school, being promoted into the next grade level, achieving high school graduation, and/or making a successful transition from school to career.  Provides year round services, including summer job coaching, remediation, and tutoring, and 12 months of follow-up services, providing all components of the Jobs for America’s Graduates model, and program requirements for funding contracts.  Partners with other agencies to ensure that youth receive their diploma or GED and successfully transition to the workforce and/or post secondary education or training.  The Specialist positions are year round, 52 week positions that will periodically necessitate weekend and/or evening responsibilities (i.e. crisis support for program participants, student-led organization activities, conducting follow-ups, staff training, etc.).

SCHOOL TO CAREER PROGRAM SPECIALIST:  Works with students entering their senior year with a primary focus on meeting graduation requirements, employment, post secondary education/training, and creation and implementation of a career plan.  Develops and implements a plan to ensure “5 of 5” national goal attainment.

MULTI-LEVEL PROGRAM SPECIALIST:  Works with any combination of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students focusing on life and work skills, career awareness, state proficiency requirements, and academic remediation to meet graduation requirements.  Specialists also structure employment and career exploration activities to ensure realistic career goal-setting.  As it applies to 12th grade roster component, develops and implements a plan to ensure “5 of 5” national goal attainment.

MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAM SPECIALIST: Works with a combination of 7th & 8th grade students focusing on ensuring a successful transition from middle school to high school. Specialist will provide an array of counseling, skill development, career association, and experiential learning that will improve the students' academic performance. Specialist maintains contact with the students transitioning into the 9th grade (MS follow-up phase) for the entire school year.

Core Duties and Responsibilities:      

  • Provides appropriate curricula that ensure students achieve specific Jobs for America’s Graduates required competencies, through classroom and individual instruction, and career association activities, using a variety of teaching methods including lecture, hands-on activities, and team teaching.  Tailors the program and teaching methods to meet the needs of each specific student, using IEP, TABE, pre-/post-tests, and designs and implements intervention strategies and career development plans for every individual.
  • Assists students in finding and maintaining quality employment (age/grade level appropriate) and/or post-secondary educational programs that compliment their career goals; using guest speakers, job shadowing, internships, field trips and guidance department resources to ensure broad exposure to options; makes initial and follow-up contacts with employers to create job openings that ensure quality opportunities for workplace experience; works closely with students and employers for 12 months after the end of the senior year to ensure a satisfactory outcome.
  • Works to meet the total needs of the student by providing guidance, coaching and support, within appropriate limits.  Develops resources and maintains relationships within the school and community that will provide specific social and educational services to assist students.  Serves as liaison to each student’s teachers, parents/guardians and employers identifying academic deficiencies and behaviors that limit success.  Helps youth to develop and implement strategies to successfully manage these deficiencies/behaviors and to become self-sufficient.
  • Creates and supports an Advisory Committee that assists in recruitment, program outcome monitoring, program improvement and marketing within the assigned site. 
  • Ensures program roster totals by directly recruiting appropriate students, obtaining referrals from the Advisory Committee, school personnel, current students and parents.  Interviews prospective candidates and parents as appropriate, to ensure that JAG and federally funded guidelines are met.
  • Ensures that positive, effective working relationships exist and that the program and program outcomes are understood by teachers, administrative staff, parent groups and all other formal and informal groups at the assigned site; ensures the program is a valued component of the site; develops marketing tools and program reports that describe activities, accomplishments and student outcomes to school/program site, employers, and immediate community.
  • By organizing and serving as advisor to the student led JAG - Ohio Career Association, Specialist creates service learning opportunities, appreciation for teamwork, sense of belonging and commitment to community service among JAG - Ohio students. 
  • Knows and complies with all rules of the host site including mandated reporting, discipline, attendance, fundraising and off-site activities; performs school-related functions such as lunch duty, extracurricular activities, etc., as reasonably expected by site administration.
  • Independently and consistently complies with all documentation requirements and deadlines involving students, employers and other groups, including the JAG e-NDMS, WIA and other funding and CYC/JCG requirements.  Knows site data and uses this data for program improvement.
  • Participates in orientation and on-going training to ensure the highest quality of service is being provided to every youth and that expected outcomes are being achieved.
  • Participates in committees to assist with CYC/JCG training, activities, events and continual program improvement and attends CYC sponsored/required training and in-service sessions as scheduled.

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Karen Connell
The Cincinnati Youth Collaborative