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Lead Mentor/Coach for Teens
Jul 27, 2020
Villedge Inc
Full Time


Job Summary:

The Lead Coach works individually with youth as a facilitator in identified enrichment environments an advocate and a resource coordinator for the youth. In this role, the coach will grow to a consistent block in the youth’s Foundation of Trust. As a coach, the coach builds and sustain the youth within their community through their discovery journey towards self-actualization. Villedge coaches are mutual learners on this journey. Coaches partner with youth to provide encouragement, advocacy, and supportive friendship as they strive to become economically self-sufficient and relationally interdependent. This work is achieved through crisis and stabilizing planning and work. Lead Coaches explore youth strengths and needs, their culture and visions, and establishes an integrated care plan that monitors progress.


Coaches have the following responsibilities detailed below with all youth on their assigned caseload.

Villedge requires the opposite of Babysitters or “Speech experts” or even those great at handing out directives. Villedge is looking for Coaches; people who would rather walk with youth and not just tell them where to go or where they should be. People who understand and their influence and take seriously the importance of commitment. People who understand the value of team and are disciplined and organized.


  • Consultation and collaboration with community systems to facilitate connections, referrals, and advocacy ensuring youth or young adults have access to those services and resources needed to reach goals and objectives supporting their vision.
  • Actively supports, represents, and extends the mission, vision, and values of the organization.
  • Teach youth and young adults the necessary skills to reach their vision.
  • Assess strengths and underlying needs of youth
  • Assess all youth domains: employment/career, education, living situation, personal effectiveness/well-being, and community life functioning.
  • Teach youth and young adults how to identify underlying needs and utilize mitigating strengths to facilitate the development of an individualized plan that supports their family vision.
  • Monitor progress toward meeting established goals and adherence to action plans being sure that all domains are addressed as prioritized.
  • Assists in the development of natural supports and non-traditional community resources that are needed for a youth or young adult to reach their vision.
  • Build rapport and trusting relationship with caregivers, providers, and anyone in youth network of support


Additional Skills

  • A willingness to work flexible and non-traditional hours in the service of foster caregivers, families of origin, and persons served.
  • Capacity to be flexible and responsive to youth served, foster caregivers, system partners, and internal customers.
  • Capacity to remain objective and professional in all areas of job function.
  • Demonstrates tolerance and respect for the ideas and actions of others.
  • Capacity to effectively work with and be respectful and sensitive to persons from various cultures, socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds.
  • Willingness to meet challenges with determination, perseverance, and grace
  • Demonstrated ability to overcome life challenges and obstacles



Bachelor’s Degree in social work, counseling or related field; excellent organizational and communication skills; Strength-Based, Individualized, Outcome Based, Team Based, Culturally Competent, Community Based, Unconditional Care, Collaboration, and Natural Supports).

  • Empathetic and open minded without hero complex
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Knows how to have FUN. Takes the work but not themselves seriously.
  • Passion for youth and relationships to see them grow and meet their full potential
  • Motivated heart of a learner, servant, and encourager


Benefits Offered: 

Villedge offers a comprehensive benefits package. Full Time employees can receive the following benefits:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Generous Paid Time off (PTO)
  • Monthly Cell Phone Stipend
  • Non-profit Organization Management 



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Katie Nzekwu
Villedge, Inc.