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Providing Medicare Peace of Mind through Leadership Council’s Partnership with RetireMed

Simplify Medicare for your team.

Save your company money.

It’s that simple.

Medicare is complicated. We’re here to take it off your plate. RetireMed is your local no-cost resource for Medicare and individual health insurance plans. RetireMed supports and guides individuals in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky who are:

  • Considering early retirement and need health coverage but are not yet eligible for Medicare.
  • 65 or older and retiring, who want to transition to Medicare.
  • Over 65 and continuing to work, who want to compare their employer coverage to Medicare.

RetireMed provides personalized, one-on-one guidance to help your employees and their families explore their healthcare options and select the right plan for their unique needs. Our services are available at no cost to you, the employee, or your team.

A Win-Win Partnership, once an employee becomes eligible for Medicare and switches from their employer coverage to a Medicare plan, your organization can save an average of $6,584* per employee. Our team is available to them year-round to answer questions, troubleshoot billing or claim issues, and help them to get the most out of their plan for life. Join the more than 50,000 individuals and 1,500 organizations throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana have trusted RetireMed to deliver Medicare peace of mind.

Do you have employees age 60+ nearing retirement? Encourage them to sign up for the RetireMed newsletter at or call us now at 513-964-1338.

*Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey, 2022