Providing Medicare Peace of Mind through Leadership Council’s partnership with RetireMed


The RetireMed Program is a no-cost, educational resource that supports and guides individuals who are considering retirement health insurance, including those working past age 65.


Do you keep up with changes that affect Medicare beneficiaries?

Do you help compare employer coverage to Medicare for employees approaching age 65?

Do you help with Medicare plan research and plan selection?

Do you provide lifelong support to individuals on Medicare plans?

Do you help individuals who retire before age 65 with healthcare coverage options?

We do.


RetireMed provides tailored communications and on-on-one expert advice to ensure a stress-free transition into Medicare. More than 50,000 individuals throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana have trusted RetireMed to deliver Medicare peace of mind.

Do you have employees age 60+ nearing retirement? Encourage them to sign up for this no-cost program by visiting or calling 513-964-1338.