Member Resources

The Leadership Council for Nonprofits has partnered with UST since 2007 to help our members better manage their unemployment claims, maintain compliance, and streamline day-to-day operations.

"We’ve experienced two claims in the past 10 years and in both cases, UST representatives provided excellent communication and support resulting in the denial of both claims.  We do not employee a human resource staff member so UST’s customer support is crucial.  Also, UST allows us to accrue our payments over time resulting in an experience refund on three separate occasions in the past ten years." 

-Kathy List, CEO, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of GC

"Being part of UST has kept the claims process very easy for us since they manage it all.  We only fill out a questionnaire when someone makes a claim and they handle the rest.  The rate we pay has been very, very low as well, and we have gotten these refunds twice now that have helped us with funding needs since they are unrestricted dollars for us."

-Shari Patrick, CFO Santa Maria Community Services

Having served the nonprofit sector for over 37 years, UST offers proven ways to reduce costs, increase internal capacity and mitigate risk. With UST, you gain access to a cloud-based suite of comprehensive HR tools and resources exclusively for 501(C)(3) employers. Learn more about UST service offerings below:

  • UST Trust can help direct reimbursing employers save up to 60% on unemployment costs and prepare for future costs via a self-funded reserve, while also providing access to expert HR tools, claims management services, hearings representation, e-Filing, and outplacement services.
  • UST Support provides access to our most popular unemployment and HR management tools, while allowing direct reimbursing participants to maintain full control of their funding. UST Support also provides several key features specifically designed for tax-rated employers—this includes rate forecasting, which is an aid used to help with budgeting and cash flow management.
  • UST Secure is a fully insured program that provides full coverage for all claims within the year, as well as access to claims management tools, certified HR guidance and award-winning outplacement services.
  • UST HR Workplace is an essential tool for staying compliant with state/federal regulations. This cloud-based platform of HR tools, templates and online training helps nonprofits create a safe, compliant, and productive workplace.

Whether your primary focus is to protect your assets, ensure compliance with the latest state regulations, reduce unemployment costs or to simply allocate more time and money to your key mission initiatives, UST has a solution for you.

Request your FREE Program Evaluation to find out which UST program can equip you and your staff with the tools you nonprofit needs to thrive (in the good times and the bad) and use Priority Code 2021LCN to expedite.