Breakout Sessions

Patrice Borders

Rebounding with Resilience
Patrice Borders, Founder & Principal, Prevention Strategies LLC

Against the backdrop of uncertainty, stress, and the unknowns of thriving in hybrid remote offices, resilience is a non-negotiable. It’s no longer a nice to have – it’s mission critical. Developing the skills to learn from setbacks and missteps is key to navigating the workplace. Resilience is a muscle we can learn to strengthen with reflection and intention. In this session, you will gain the tools to foster self-compassion and resilience in the face of today’s often uncertain workplace. As a leader, you will also learn how to empower your people to recover from setbacks and adapt to challenging situations.

Joan Ferrante

Unraveling Race: Re-Righting the Stories We Tell
Joan Ferrante, Professor of Sociology, Northern Kentucky University

What is race? What stories do you tell yourself about race? Where did the labels we use to think about race such as Asian, Black, and White come from? Why does race generate such strong emotions, fears, and insecurities? Until we grapple with these questions it is impossible to lead efforts to achieve racial equity or to heal racial divides. This session challenges leaders to step courageously into these questions and to be open to reassessing and reckoning with their personal understandings and past responses to race. Even small shifts in thinking can deliver constructive results.

Teresa Gonzalez

Giving it Away: Realizing trust, leadership power and organizational impact in the “We”
Teresa L. Gonzalez, Visionary Officer, Executive Director, Design Impact   

Legacy leaders understand that surrendering power to the team so they have ownership of the work, catapults organizational outcomes and sustainability. However, distributing leadership in this way requires time, capacity, multidirectional trust and technical knowledge that can make the decentralization of power difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to achieve. Join us to learn specific approaches to activate power across your team by leaning into leadership that embodies humility and cultivates trust through an equitable, inclusive, co-designed organizational culture experiencing joy in the process as much as the outcome.

Diane Kinsella

Values Light the Way to Daring Leadership 
Diane Kinsella, CEO, Journey to Hope   

Daring leadership requires that we do more than profess our values, we practice them. We walk our talk, being clear about what we believe and hold important, and we take care that our intentions, words, thoughts, and behaviors align with those beliefs. This session will guide you through exercises to gain clarity around your core values, examine your alignment with your organization’s core values, and how that influences the ways in which you give and receive feedback as a leader.