Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

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Leadership Council for Nonprofits is a growing association of nonprofit agencies, with approximately 250 nonprofit members in the tri-state region, representing more than 14,000 employees who provide an economic impact of about a billion dollars in our community.  

A Leadership Council sponsorship provides an excellent opportunity to reach nonprofit leaders, support the work they do, and help build collaborations between organizations to help us advance our community.

We support the nonprofit community by offering:

Capacity Building:

Leadership development, education, and other capacity-building training that assists nonprofit leaders to grow their organizations, and support them in achieving their mission and sustainability.


Opportunities for nonprofit team members to connect with one another, as well as with outside resources, providing access to valuable knowledge and resources.


Access to even more outside resources and knowledge bases, creating a wealth of information that each nonprofit can use to grow and manage the organization.

Cost Savings:

Valuable discounts and free services that can save nonprofits money in running their organizations.

Together, these four foundations support the mission of the Leadership Council for Nonprofits: to maximize the impact of nonprofit organization, develop their leaders, and strengthen the community.

Thank you for considering a sponsorship.


Beth Benson

Executive Director