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COhatch is a new way to think about coworking and office space for flexible work close to home. Live an integrated life at COhatch. A new kind of work and social space built in the communities in which we work and live.

We’re making our communities a priority through scholarship programs, our incubator ecosystem, and our partners. Your work matters to us. We opened COhatch to grow and better our communities by working with our friends, family, and neighbors. Your work and your impact give our communities strength and innovation. Apply for our GIVE Scholarship - receive a nonprofit scholarship to work at a COhatch near you.

Dignified Learning

Dignified Learning transforms information into custom eLearning experiences, designed to educate our clients’ communities (i.e. employees, customers, volunteers, students). Specific examples include mandatory compliance training (data privacy, diversity, etc.), professional development for staff, curriculum, and onboarding new customers and employees.

Based on proven pedagogical principles and brain-based research that focus on how individuals learn, Dignified Learning provides a more efficient and “dignified” learning experience, designed around the needs of the learner. eLearning experiences are accessible, application-based and designed to promote retention.

Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit News

GC Nonprofit News is the premium weekly e-publication for everyone who works, volunteers, or does business with nonprofits in our region. In partnership with local nonprofits and our sponsors, we strive to create a more informed, open, and connected community, by sharing nonprofit news, job openings, and resources. Explore how you and/or your organization can engage with GC Nonprofit News.

Manley Burke

Manley Burke, LPA is a law firm comprised of passionate attorneys who value each other, our families, our community and our clients. Our nonprofit team is supported by the fleet of services offered at Manley Burke, placing us to act as a single-legal-services provider and advisor, while drawing on the knowledge and experience of attorneys across various practice areas. We have assisted nonprofits in all aspects of the nonprofits’ lifecycle, from formation and application for tax exemption, to operations and stewardship, and even through dissolution if necessary. We have a wide range of knowledge about various issues that nonprofits face and our goal is to assist you so that you can focus on your mission and the people and organizations that you are helping.

NextStep Networking

As your trusted IT partner, we go beyond the usual support by developing customized solutions that ensure your technology is not only running smoothly today but is capable of supporting your vision tomorrow. That is our promise.