Benefits of Membership

Here are some things to look forward to when you join:

Membership Orientation

Sign up for a brief virtual orientation with our Executive Director to take full advantage of your membership and learn more about what Leadership Council has to offer - prospective members welcome! Register here

Leadership Development Opportunities

Securing the Future

Annual conference for nonprofit staff and boards to build skills and capacity in the organizations they serve, helping them to continue to secure the future of every individual and community they serve.

BOLD (Board Orientation + Leadership Development)

Training for board service to directly impact a nonprofit’s ability to deliver on its mission. Do you have board or staff members that could benefit from learning the roles and responsibilities of being on a nonprofit board? Leadership Council members get discounted tuition for BOLD. Member organizations can also recruit board members through BOLD Board Connections.

Cost Savings Opportunities

Want to save money on hiring, benefits, IT services, office and cleaning supplies, unemployment and workers' comp costs, and more? Check out these opportunities and member discounts (we’re always looking for more!):


  • A prominent member listing that links to your website with your logo and mission
  • Workshops to share best practices
  • Connections to our BOLD graduates to help you fill board gaps or send your board and staff to BOLD at the discounted rate

As membership continues to grow, you get more connections, more opportunities to collaborate, and more resources. Thank you for renewing your membership annually by December 31.

Please reach out if I can be of any assistance to you!

Beth Benson, Executive Director