Leadership Council welcomes nonprofit organizations in the tri-state area to join at any time.


Counties included in our service area are: 

Ohio:  Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren;

Kentucky:  Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Owen, Pendleton, and Kenton

Indiana:  Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland

Please review our types of membership and the membership criteria below to determine if the Leadership Council is a good fit for your organization.   


JOIN NOW as a NEW MEMBER! NEW members receive 50% off the first Calendar Year dues!


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We have a wide variety of nonprofit organizations that join Leadership Council for Nonprofits.  

We have organizations as large as $80,000,000 budget with hundreds of employee's and as small as $100,000 budget with volunteers or 1 staff member. Some are new organizations, some that have been around for over 100 years.  We have something to offer your organization.

You can see the current list of members here:


Membership Criteria

To be considered for membership the agency must be:

  1. An organization with programs designed to improve the social conditions of people;
  2. An organization that is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (but not limited to 501(c)(3) organizations); and
  3. An organization with a mission and vision compatible with the mission and vision of the Leadership Council.


Annual dues are based on a sliding scale based on the organization’s operating revenue for the previous year. Membership is on a calendar year basis, and renews each year in December.  

NEW members receive a 50% discount in fee's for their first calendar year. 

To apply for membership, click HERE or contact

DUES are based on the most recent IRS 990, Line 12, for the most recent year:

Revenue of less than $250,000        $180
$250,001 - $500,000 $220
$500,001 - $2,000,000 $300
$2,000,001 - $5,000,000 $500
$5,000,001 + $640

Membership Renewal - Online, or Downloadable PDF

We appreciate you! Thank you for your membership in the Leadership Council and your willingness to lead, learn and grow with other members in our region to ensure a stronger Nonprofit Sector to serve our communities.

We recently asked for your feedback on how we are doing and the Membership “Survey Says”:

  • 100% of respondents would recommend LC membership to other Nonprofits
  • 99% of members believe their membership to be of value relative to membership cost
  • Average retention rate the last 8 years has been 88% 

You can renew your membership online by clicking HERE.   

Be sure to renew your annual membership by December 31. 

Here are some things to look forward to as you join:

  • BOLD Training - do you want to be a good, or better board member so that you can directly impact a nonprofits ability to serve their community?  Do you have board or staff members that could would benefit from learning the roles & responsibilities of board members? 
  • Connections to our BOLD Board Orientation + Leadership Development) graduates to help you fill board gaps or send your board members or staff to BOLD at the member discounted rate; BOLD newsletter to showcase your board needs (this goes out to over 2000 readers each month)
  • 2020 Compensation & Benefits survey - Are you competitive in your compensation & benefits? Are you curious what other nonprofit peers are doing?  Purchase the most recent Leadership Council Compensation & Benefits survey to find out.  Members receive a discounted price
  • Leaders Circles - peer to peer coaching that focuses on listening, building trusted relationships, and taking action. Leaders often share & discuss important topics such as strategy, finances, data, and outcomes (program runs Sept. - May) 
  • Leadership Challenge - do you want to discover your leadership strengths and opportunities? 
  • Search Inside Yourself program - program teaches practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership tools to unlock your full potential at work and in life. 
  • Securing the Future Conference - for nonprofit staff and board leaders to secure the future of the organizations they serve and support, allowing these nonprofits to continue to build and secure the future of every individual, and community they serve.
  • A prominent Member listing that links to your website with your logo, and mission 
  • Job Board - filling nonprofit roles can be a challenge.  Post your job openings- FREE
  • Exclusive Membership Discounts - on IT support, Retirement benefits, office supplies and more.  
  • COMING SOON - A members resource page 

Leadership Council for Nonprofits is here to help you build capacity, collaborate, connect and take advantage of cost savings opportunities. Membership continues to grow.  What does this mean for you? More connections, more opportunities to collaborate, and more resources are available to you. We appreciate you and hope you will reach out to us any time we can be of assistance to you.   Thank you for renewing your membership annually by December 31 of each year

I'd love to hear from you, please connect with me,                                                                

Jenny Berg, Executive Director

New Member Application

Click HERE to complete the NEW member application, and pay online, or download the application form HERE.

WHY should you join Leadership Council? Here's what our members have to say:

  • 100% of respondents would recommend LC membership to other Non Profits
  • 99% of members believe their membership to be of value relative to membership cost
  • Average retention rate the last 8 years has been 88% 

Leadership Council membership is one of the smartest investments your organization can make. Take advantage of valuable benefits and resources that help you and your staff further your mission. We offer affordable membership for nonprofit organizations that serve the nonprofit community.

When your nonprofit joins Leadership Council, you are immediately connected to a network of over 17,000 nonprofit staff from 250+ organizations representing local, regional and national nonprofits of all sizes. Enjoy free & low cost educational programs, exclusive access to resources and FREE job posting on our CAREER page. Best of all, membership benefits extend to your entire staff.

In a nutshell, we offer these 3 things for your agency and employees: 

• Leadership Development Opportunities - roundtables, cohort groups, 2 or 3-day Leadership Challenge Workshops, mentoring, other capacity building programs

  • 750 have participated in our Leadership Development programs in 2020
  • 200 have participated in our Capacity Building Programs in 2020

• Cost Savings opportunities - from office supplies, cell phones, floor mats (and much more) to reduction in unemployment costs, workers comp and helping your EE’s reduce their student loan debt (which helps EE retention)

• Connections/collaborations - getting to know other non profit agencies, so that more collaboration can take place to build up our community and eliminate duplication, or fill gaps in services

We would be happy to discuss our programs and benefits of membership at any time. Feel free to check out more details on our website HERE. Or, alternatively, we would be happy to meet with you, at your office, at your convenience.

Leadership Council is here to support, advance, educate, advise and connect you!  We appreciate you and hope you will reach out to us any time we can be of assistance to you.

Jenny Berg, Executive Director

Individual Membership Application

An executive in transition or one who desires to stay connected with other Leadership Council members after retirement can join as an Individual Member and participate fully in the Leadership Council offerings.

Please Download the application and send with payment to:

Leadership Council for Nonprofits, 4010 Executive Park Dr., Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Why Choose Us

The Leadership Council is the only organization of its kind in the tri-state region.

Our members have told us how valuable it is to have access to high quality & affordable leadership development programs,  to network with their peers and to discuss issues and concerns while building up the non profit community, and saving money at the same time!  The annual dues can easily be offset by the cost savings each agency can receive.  

Join us today so together we can work to advance our community. For more information, contact Executive Director Jenny Berg at, or 513-607-1820, or

"The Leadership Council's agency members are on the cutting edge of how to do business in the non-profit world."
         - Comment from a local funder.

Types of Membership

Voting Member

The agency is the member, and the voting member is the chief executive officer or his/her designee.

Associate Member

For smaller (3 person or less) for profit businesses we offer the associate membership ($250). These are typically independent consultants or suppliers of products or services that promote, support, and/or are utilized by the nonprofit sector

Individual Member

We encourage chief executive officers who were former members of the Leadership Council that have retired or are in between jobs, have a continuing interest in goals of the Leadership Council, and wish to participate in consideration of common interests to become an individual member.  Former chief executive officers who are transitioning to the area are also eligible.  (Retired Executives might also be interested in our LEADER TO LEADER Mentoring Program).