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LIVE to Lead

Offered January – April | Class Size 18-25

5-Part Leadership Series exclusively for CEOs & Senior Leaders of Leadership Council Member Agencies

Leadership Council and our partner, Fifth Third Bank, have created a comprehensive development series for nonprofit leaders that highlights key competencies such as talent management, strategic agility and change leadership. Now in its sixth year, the program consistently and dynamically delivers its message through five courses taught by top Fifth Third Bank leaders, and includes LIVE to LEAD alumni speakers who will share how they have put into practice their LIVE to LEAD learnings.

Who should attend? Executive Directors/CEO's and other involved in influencing the strategic plan, developing and managing people, and leading change.

Workshop Series Sessions

Session #1: Building Relationships - Everybody's different! This fact can be either a source of organizational strength or a source of confusion and conflict. This 7-hour workshop will help you begin to build trusting relationships and drive organizational culture, first by understanding your own preferred style of acting and interaction, second by developing an awareness of others' preferred styles, and finally by learning how to adapt your style to interact more effectively with others. This session will also help you understand the “Seeds” of bias in our relationships and how every decision is an opportunity to mitigate the impact of our bias .

Session #2: Strategic Planning and Agility - Great leaders understand that they must know where their organization is headed, or they're certain to end up somewhere else. Bring your current strategic plan to this 4-hour, hands-on, workshop to gain tips and insights on how to ensure your strategic plans help you lead your organization to the outcomes it desires, select the best strategies to achieve those outcomes, and identify ways to measure your progress.

Session #3: Maximizing Individual and Team Performance - Do you have the right people in the right roles? This highly interactive, team-facilitated workshop will cover the key components of effective talent management. Through small and large group discussions, you will gain a better understanding of how to determine the talent you need, assess current talent, and accelerate the development of high potential talent. You'll also learn creative solutions for talent gaps and gain confidence for challenging performance conversations. Finally, you'll walk out with a plan to tackle your most pressing talent issue which you'll discuss on a follow-up small group conference call.

Session #4: High Performing Team Development - Picking up from the Building Relationships session, we will continue to dive deeper into the Five behaviors of a Cohesive Team model. To help your team become more efficient and effective, you will learn that once vulnerability-based trust is formed on a team, it is much easier to manage conflict, gain commitment, hold one another accountable, and ultimately focus on collective results. Each of these behaviors has a set of practical steps that you will be able to customize to meet your organization's needs.

Session #5: Optimize Results by Managing Change - There are good reasons to make changes in organizations and they often revolve around improving processes, tools, or services to best meet the needs of clients and communities. However, many people have a natural resistance to change, making your job as a leader difficult if you want to realize desired results. Therefore, you must know how to engage employees and manage their concerns and anxieties so they will embrace and adopt change. This four-hour workshop will introduce you to a change management process and tools so you can lead change and continuous improvement efforts that inspire followership and ensure successful, sustainable implementation.

Class Size is limited to 25 people. Application and payment due by December 1

Registration will open in September